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Consolidated net financial indebtedness

in millions of Euro 30-Jun-1231-Dec-11
a  Cash and cash equivalents 506.7415.2
b  Other current financial receivables41.542.9
  Current bank indebtedness(58.8)(78.8)
  Current portion of bank indebtedness (36.4)(39.1)
  Other current financial payables(0.5)(0.5)
  Financial leasing payables – maturing within the next year (3.1)(3.7)
c  Current financial indebtedness(98.8)(122.1)
d=a+b+c  Net current financial indebtedness449.4336.0
e  Non-current financial receivables14.311.0
  Non-current bank liabilities and bonds issued(2,558.7)(2,328.8)
  Other non-current financial payables 0.00.0
  Financial leasing payables – maturing beyond the next year (4.2)(5.3)
f  Non-current financial indebtedness(2,562.9)(2,334.1)
g=e+f  Net non-current financial indebtedness(2,548.6)(2,323.1)
h=d+g  Net financial indebtedness(2,099.2)(1,987.1)