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7 Costs for services

 1st half 20121st half 2011Changes
Energy transport and storage108,93396,94311,990
Charges for works and maintenance103,884113,049 (9,165)
Waste transportation, disposal and collection services82,15883,755 (1,597)
Fees paid to local authorities36,69834,396 2,302
Legal, tax and organisation professional services11,09110,806285
Rents and leases payable10,69010,795 (105)
IT and data processing services9,2248,725499
Postal and telephone costs7,8247,80618
Insurance costs6,8276,615212
Recruitment, training and other staff costs6,2516,067184
Technical services5,9446,331 (387)
Bank fees and other charges5,2503,800 1,450
Cleaning and security costs2,9932,596397
Published notices, classified and advertising2,8344,561 (1,727)
Remuneration to Directors, Statutory Auditors and local committees2,8092,75752
Transports2,314761 1,553
Meter readings2,1852,259 (74)
Laboratory analyses2,1642,190 (26)
Fees payable1,8872,042 (155)
Other service costs14,53314,862 (329)

The most significant changes with respect to the corresponding period of the previous year are described hereunder:

"Energy transport and storage", the increase is attributable to electricity and gas sold on third party grids and networks, amounting to EUR 1,634 thousand and 10,356 thousand. The significant increase reported in the gas sector is attributable to the increase in volumes and in transport and storage tariffs alike. Moreover, the change in the scope of consolidation is to be noted, following the acquisition of Sadori Gas Srl occurred on 1 July 2011.

"Charges for works and maintenance". This item includes the costs for the building or improvement of licensed infrastructures pursuant to IFRIC 12. The decrease compared to the previous period is mainly due to the reduction in investments, as explained in detail in the Directors' Report.

The item "Fees paid to local authorities" includes the charges incurred for the use of public owned grids and networks, fees paid to asset companies for the rent of gas, water and electricity cycle assets and the leasing of the drop-off points. The change, compared to the first half of 2011, is primarily related to higher rentals for the company of assets with respect to the adjustments provided for by Atersir (former Ato) on the territories where Hera operates.

"IT and data processing services", the increase is due to higher costs for IT services, amounting to EUR 111 thousand and telecommunications services, totalling EUR 388 thousand.

"Bank fees and other charges", the change is primarily attributable to costs related to the new committed credit lines signed by the Group (EUR 420 million in June 2012, compared to EUR 280 million in June 2011) and the new bank sureties required by the Group in favour of third parties.

"Published notices, classified, advertising", the decrease is due to the postponement of some advertising campaigns in the second half of 2012.

"Remuneration to Directors, Statutory Auditors and local Committees", includes costs incurred for the different company bodies and for Area Committees.

Item "Other service costs" mainly comprises costs for trade and sale activities of energy-related services.

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