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10 Other operating costs

 1st half 20121st half 2011Changes
Special landfill levy5,2175,328(111)
Taxation other than income taxes4,8094,426383
State rentals1,7601,422338
Membership fees and other fees1,5171,47542
Capital losses on disposal of assets458525(67)
Other minor charges5,5764,360 1,216

The most significant changes with respect to the corresponding period of the previous year are described hereunder:

"Taxation other than income taxes", the increase compared to the first half of 2011 is mainly linked to:

  • rent for the occupation of spaces and public areas relating to previous periods paid to the Municipalities in the provinces of Bologna and Ravenna;
  • payment of higher costs for the Municipal tax on real estate properties (IMU), compared to the previous Municipal tax on real estate properties (ICI).


"State rentals", the increase, compared to the first half of 2011, is primarily due to higher rentals paid to the Emilia Romagna region, to some concessionaries for the payment of taxes, to various consortia as well as to costs related to the return of purification quotas to customers as provided for by the economic-financial Plan of the 2011-2021 integrated water service - 2011-2015 regulation period, approved by the Shareholders' General Meeting of Atersir (former Ato) in Bologna.

"Capital losses on disposal of assets" generated by the following disposals:

  • electricity meters, EUR 215 thousand (EUR 482 thousand as at 30 June 2011);
  • resources, waste disposal bins, equipment and other, EUR 64 thousand (EUR 43 thousand as at 30 June 2011);
  • real estate property in Via Dozza no. 8 in Bologna, EUR 179 thousand.


Compared to the first half of 2011, item "Other minor charges" includes social charges due to the adhesion by Hera Spa to the collection of funds launched by the Emilia Romagna region in favour of people hit by the earthquake in May 2012.

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