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25 Financial assets

 30-Jun-12 31-Dec-11Changes
Financial receivables from associated companies28,67028,146524
Receivables for loans granted to others7,7087,392316
Portfolio securities and financial policies4,4704,470 -  
Receivables for mortgages to be collected7012,937 (2,236)

The item "Financial receivables from associated companies" comprises interest-bearing loans granted to the following companies:

Tamarete Energia Srl27,22726,816411
Modena network spa900900   -  
Ghirlandina  Solare244250(6)
Other minor receivables299180119

Increases relate to interest accrued and not yet collected on original loans.

"Receivables for loans given to others". Of note we report:

  • the disbursement of an interest-bearing loan for a nominal EUR 4,000 thousand from the Group, through its subsidiary Asa Scpa to a minority shareholder;
  • the interest-bearing loan granted to the jointly controlled company Enomondo Srl, amounting to EUR 2,050 thousand, which represents the residual portion of the assets recorded in the separate financial statements of Parent Company Herambiente Spa.


"Portfolio securities and financial policies" includes bonds issued by Banca di Credito Cooperativo, amounting to EUR 4,150 thousand, and investment policies with banks, amounting to EUR 320 thousand.


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