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Privacy statement ART. 13 DEL D.LGS. 30.6.2003, n. 196

To comply with the regulations on personal data protection, we would like to inform you of the use of your personal data and your rights guaranteed by the Italian regulations on personal data protection ART. 13 DEL D.LGS. 30.6.2003, n. 196 Our agency must acquire (or already has) some data which concerns you.

The data supplied is used by Hera S.p.A., in order to provide you with a response to your requests addressed to Hera Group.

Therefore, we require you to expressly agree to the use of your data needed for the above service. The supply of your data is optional but without it, we can not provide you with the service.

Your personal details are used only with methods and procedures strictly necessary to provide you with the service, also via fax, telephone, mobile phone, electronic mail or other long-distance communication techniques. For certain activities, we use trustworthy people who carry out technical or organizational tasks on our behalf.

These people are our direct collaborators and act as the "person in charge of" or "entrusted with" our data treatment. The may also operate independently as "holders" of the treatment. In particular, these people are part of the Hera Group, companies offering information, electronic or filing services; postal service companies indicated in the postal parcel. Lastly, we hereby specify that in their capacity of people in charge of or entrusted with the treatment, all of our employees and/or collaborators from time to time concerned or involved in their respective functions may learn of your data in compliance with the instructions received.

In accordance to art. 7 del D.Lgs. 196/2003 of the Italian regulations on personal data protection, the issues related to the treatment of your personnel details (unsubscription, correction and updating of details, complains on the use made by Hera Group of your details) can be managed by contacting Hera S.p.A. - Viale C. Berti Pichat n. 2/4 - 40127 Bologna (Italy) or by calling the phone number +39-051-28.71.11.

Therefore, the consent which we require from you also concerns the transmission of the data to these categories and is necessary to pursue the aims of the service. Furthermore, we inform you that your personal data will not be disclosed.

I accept the privacy statement and authorise Hera Group to use my personnel data in accordance to art. 23 del D.Lgs. 196/2003, in order to receive a response to my message by E-mail.

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