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Macro economic scenario

Italian macro-economic scenario

Following tab highlights main macro-economic data describing first half 2012 Italian context and official figures of gas and electricity consumption.

 Ch. H1 2011/H1 2010Ch. 2011/2010Ch. 2010/2009Ch. 2009/2008
GDP (in volume)(1.4%)*+0,4%+1,8%(5,5%)
Industrial production(7.0%)^+5,5%+5,5%(17,4%)
Electrical consumption(2.8%)°+1,8%+1,8%(6,7%)
Gas consumption(2.3%)**+4,8%+4,8%(8,0%)

* source ISTAT: Q1 2012 on Q1 2011
^ source ISTAT: H1 2012 on H1 2011
° source: Terna
** source: Snam Rete Gas