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Information systems

During 2012, the Hera Group’s information systems followed the path mapped out by the business plan, operating in accordance with the following guidelines: satisfying business requirements effectively, consolidating the operating efficiency of the Hera Group’s companies and business units and adapting promptly to sector norms.

The information systems’ contribution to the Hera Group’s business in the first half of 2012 is shown by the following key indicators:

  • more than 8 million bills issued, of which over 200,000 were sent electronically – a considerable increase on 2011 and previous years
  • more than 2,300 online tenders managed
  • approximately 75,000 emergency calls
  • more than 4.8 million active contracts for five services (electricity, gas, district heating, water, waste management)
  • around 69,000 km of distribution network managed
  • 2.2 million service requests, managed through four channels
    • call centres
    • branches
    • mail
    • internet


There have also been significant accomplishments, such as:

  • Workforce Management (WFM) – functions relating to the following have been completed:
    • The introduction of mobile devices;
    • The creation of reporting systems for the electricity and gas authority.

      This project has allowed the management of the following in the first half of 2012:
    • 68,000 emergency orders processed;
    • More than 10,000 quotes;
    • Around 330,000 tasks (Front End, Emergencies, Management and Maintenance).
  • MDM – Reading process revision – functions related to the management of reading implemented, allowing a more consistent performance.
  • Unbundling (Resolution 11/07 et seq., 2012 function) - important work continues on updating the information systems to comply with regulatory obligations regarding the separation of distribution and sales processes (software unbundling) and of administrative and accounting processes (accounting unbundling) for companies operating in the electricity and gas sectors. The following targets, in particular, were reached:
    • Completion of software/functional unbundling stage 2 regarding the transmission of readings and the separation of the billing process.
    • Completion of accounting unbundling (economic and capital) where the functions released were used for the 2012 declarations for the fiscal year 2011.
  • With regard to the Commercial Campaigns project, the commercial offering directed at wholesale customers, “PUN Oraria” (Prezzo Unico Netto – Hourly Single Net Price) (approximately 1 TWh of electricity sold in the first six months of 2012) was successfully launched.
  • The bill replacement management and tax filing service was launched (approximately 8 million bills have currently been archived).
  • The project to extend the document management system to protocol management for the 16 Hera Group companies has been completed; approximately 240,000 documents were managed in the first half of 2012.
  • Compliance with the SLAs for the management of infrastructure and application tickets.
  • Regular audits were conducted aimed at maintaining the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate achieved in December 2011 with positive results (there was no non-conformity or comments).


The following were the most significant projects in progress, due to their ability to support the business processes and compliance with emerging legislation, with highly innovative and integrated IT solutions:

  • Waste Management Services (SSA) the creation of the system designed for the revision and automation of waste management services planning and management (management of shifts, manpower and equipment).
  • Waste Management Systems Development (ESA) which includes the implementation of a single integrated system for the management of waste management activities which incorporates logistics, disposal and sale.
  • Centralised logistics planning system for the implementation of a system which optimises waste logistics flow management.
  • Distribution MDM Stage 2 for the management of validation checks and certification of readings based on checking consistency of consumption.
  • EHS project relating to the management of Prevention and Protection activities, Risk Assessment, Accident Management and Occupational Medicine supporting the Group’s Health and Safety processes.
  • Integrated Information System (SII), with reference to resolutions 131-12 and 132-12, for the creation of a new communication platform for the management of information flows between market players and the Authorities (records, reporting, etc.) and for the communication of requests related to the management of facilities and users.
  • Sales MDM for the management of readings in the network and outside the network with the aim of implementing a platform which allows the centralised and standardised management of readings for sales relating to energy services.
  • DisasterRecovery: launch of the planning and implementation of the DisasterRecovery (DR) service which will be completed at the end of 2013 and enter into production in 2014.


In addition to the projects cited above, the main projects (80 in total) launched in the first half of the year are classified below according to the following types:

Improve the efficiency of operating processes and support the Hera Group’s new business requirements:

  • AMM EE – WFM integration: integration of work orders generated by WFM with AMM EE system
  • Multifunction Printer Management Project
  • WFM – SAP – GIS integration: integration of map systems with management systems
  • Implementation of Herambiente Industrial Billing System
  • Development of systems dedicated to Risk Control
  • Development of systems to support trading
  • New 2012 commercial campaigns
  • New credit management systems
  • Optimisation of commercial processes and completion of communication process systems (SDD)


Update to sector regulatory requirements (the major ones are listed here):

  • Update to Resolution 229-12 TISG – Settlement Gas
  • AMM GAS (Resolution 155-08)
  • Water tariff and regulation updates
  • Updates to Resolutions 64-09 and 71-11
  • Update to Resolution 99-11 (Gas Default) – Management of customer deposit billing
  • Update to Resolution 229-01 – GAS billing adjustment
  • Cadastral data (Circular no. 44-2205, Provisions no. 2012/5708 and no. 2008/24511)
  • TIA (Environmental Hygiene) Tariff Adjustments


Reduce technological risk and improve security levels:

  • Technological renewal of enterprise infrastructure (SAP, ERP and ISU)
  • Extension of SFTP and FTP service reliability
  • Privacy (2012 part)
  • Upgrading and risk containment – Storage and backup
  • Upgrade to Oracle 11
  • Migration of Exchange and Archiving to central location


The information systems also ensured continuity of their own service, minimising the impact of new projects and fulfilling ordinary maintenance and system-development requests in accordance with agreed priorities.